Event 1: Forty Years of Time Travel

Friday 2nd September 10am - 4pm
Radical Technology Version 1

Looking Back and Forward: Reflections by the original authors

The day is structured around the principal sections of RT 1.0, each including an original author. The sessions last 50 minutes, with a chair and a panel of invited commentators. A ‘Greek Chorus’ of younger commentators will be led by Rob Hopkins. The event will be a video-recorded, available after the conference.

10:00 Introductions

10:30  Food: Chair – Martin Ince

Commentators: Charlie Clutterbuck, Martin Stott, Romy Fraser, Erik Millstone

11:20 Coffee break

11:35 Shelter: Chair – Sandy Liddell Halliday

Commentators: Pat Borer, David Lea, Brenda Vale

12:25 Settlements & Transport. Chair – Peter Harper

Commentators: Herbert Girardet, Hugh Barton, Ian Hogan, Chas Ball

13:15 Lunch

14:00 IT and Communications: Chair – Tony Durham

Commentators: Richard Elen, Martin Ince, Daphne Davies Gary Alexander

14:50 Energy: Chair – Godfrey Boyle

Commentators: Sue Roaf, Derek Taylor, Dave Elliott, Jaap ‘t Hooft.

15:40 Tea break

16:00 Materials and Waste: Chair – Chris Ryan

Commentators: Thornton Kay, Geoff Hammond, Andy Warren

18:00 Buffet supper